Friday, 23 October 2015


i) Highlights and Low points
- I had my first sleepover with my friends (highlight)
- One of my friends migrated to another country (low points)

ii) Most rewarding moment
- I did well for my exams

iii) Most challenging
- Work together with the students that are difficult to work with for group projects

iv) How I have grown
- I have become more bonded with my class

How have I become a better student, daughter/son, member of CCA, member of class?
- I am more able to cope with homework
- I contribute more to CCA
- I have become more bonded with my class

What could I have do better in school, in your class, at home?
- Ask more questions in class
- Do more household chores at home

Did you achieve goals that you set out to do? Why? Why not?
- I achieved my goals.
- I have been working very hard to achieve them

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