Friday, 23 October 2015

Personal Reflection - Chiu Chen Ning

1. Highlights/Low Points
Some highlights of the year included going through the ISS module, especially after the short briefing given to us in Secondary 1 made it seem so confusing. However, a low point was when OEE was cancelled due to the haze situation, as I was looking forward to the event.

2. Rewarding Moments
One rewarding moment was when I achieved second place in the Cassini Essay Competition, representing my Astronomy CCA, and got a telescope as a prize!

3. Most Challenging Moments
A challenging moment of this year was all the tight deadlines we had to complete our Alternative Assessments. An example was the History AA, where we had barely three weeks to complete our iBook, and the schedule overlapped with our EOY examinations.

4. How I have Grown
I believe that the hectic work schedule and increased work difficulty has trained me in my time-management skills and techniques to handle stress before the examinations.

5. Interesting Incidents
Many interesting incidents happened throughout the year of 2015. An example include the Astronomy Club CCA stargazing trip to Desaru, Malaysia.
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