Friday, 23 October 2015

Last day reflection

The last 5 months have been an exciting period of time for all of us, struggling as a class to prepare for the end-of-year examinations. It would definitely be difficult to part into our different classes next year. The most rewarding moments we experienced as a class would probably be during the end-of-year examinations results day, where we saw the fruit of all our hard work. Some challenging moments include preparations for the examinations, where we had to work extremely hard as a class in order to get good results. This year, I have grown to learn to work harder in school. Compared to the beginning of Sec 1, I'm now more focused on the work at hand, prioritising my time for more important work first. Interesting moments that happened in our class include Min Quan falling into the eco pond. Although it was nothing serious, it managed to give us all a good laugh. And also not forgetting the cancellation of school on the day we were supposed to have our IH EOY. These two years has definitely been a wonderful and exciting experience for all of us, and the fact that we'll be parting into different classes makes me sad. But nevertheless, I know that our friendships will remain and the shared memories will last forever.
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