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Friday, 23 October 2015

1. Highlights/Low Points
Some highlights of the year included going through the ISS module, especially after the short briefing given to us in Secondary 1 made it seem so confusing. However, a low point was when OEE was cancelled due to the haze situation, as I was looking forward to the event.

2. Rewarding Moments
One rewarding moment was when I achieved second place in the Cassini Essay Competition, representing my Astronomy CCA, and got a telescope as a prize!

3. Most Challenging Moments
A challenging moment of this year was all the tight deadlines we had to complete our Alternative Assessments. An example was the History AA, where we had barely three weeks to complete our iBook, and the schedule overlapped with our EOY examinations.

4. How I have Grown
I believe that the hectic work schedule and increased work difficulty has trained me in my time-management skills and techniques to handle stress before the examinations.

5. Interesting Incidents
Many interesting incidents happened throughout the year of 2015. An example include the Astronomy Club CCA stargazing trip to Desaru, Malaysia.
- being able to have fun with my classmates/ friends

Low points
- having to say goodbye to my classmates at the end of this year as we would not be in the same class next year and would all have to go our own paths

Most rewarding moments
achieving a diamond award for the first time in B-Dazzled

Most challenging moment
- studying for good marks, especially for eoys

How have i grown
- i have learnt that i need to let some things go in order to benefit myself

Interesting incidents that happened
- winning various awards together as a class
i) Highlights and Low points
- I had my first sleepover with my friends (highlight)
- One of my friends migrated to another country (low points)

ii) Most rewarding moment
- I did well for my exams

iii) Most challenging
- Work together with the students that are difficult to work with for group projects

iv) How I have grown
- I have become more bonded with my class

How have I become a better student, daughter/son, member of CCA, member of class?
- I am more able to cope with homework
- I contribute more to CCA
- I have become more bonded with my class

What could I have do better in school, in your class, at home?
- Ask more questions in class
- Do more household chores at home

Did you achieve goals that you set out to do? Why? Why not?
- I achieved my goals.
- I have been working very hard to achieve them

i) highlights: during the SST Open House.
I had a great time volunteering
   low point: when my grandfather passed away in June.

ii)most rewarding moment: when I got an improvement in my average score for EOYs.

iii)most challenging moments: the period when I had to prepare for EOY

iv)How have I grown: I have matured well enough and I know people around me slightly better

v) interesting incidents: Sports Carnival @ Toa Payoh Stadium (Black House champions yay)

The last 5 months have been an exciting period of time for all of us, struggling as a class to prepare for the end-of-year examinations. It would definitely be difficult to part into our different classes next year. The most rewarding moments we experienced as a class would probably be during the end-of-year examinations results day, where we saw the fruit of all our hard work. Some challenging moments include preparations for the examinations, where we had to work extremely hard as a class in order to get good results. This year, I have grown to learn to work harder in school. Compared to the beginning of Sec 1, I'm now more focused on the work at hand, prioritising my time for more important work first. Interesting moments that happened in our class include Min Quan falling into the eco pond. Although it was nothing serious, it managed to give us all a good laugh. And also not forgetting the cancellation of school on the day we were supposed to have our IH EOY. These two years has definitely been a wonderful and exciting experience for all of us, and the fact that we'll be parting into different classes makes me sad. But nevertheless, I know that our friendships will remain and the shared memories will last forever.
1) The highlights and low points
As a class I feel that we have gotten closer over the span of this year. We've known each other for 2 years now, and it is sad that we're going to different classes. Some of the more recent highlights would be when we won the best overall display as a class for COL. Another highlight would be when we go out for various class outings. And also when we all collaborate to help each other study.

One of the most recent low points for me would be when my best friend, Nishtha left Singapore for good. She migrated to NewZealand. As a class, we made this card album for her where everyone writes their well wishes for Nishtha on a card and a person collates them. We sent her off at the airport.

2) Most rewarding moment
When the class wins awards together. And we all celebrate.

3) Most challenging moment
When some people in the class don't pass a subject. We need to work together as a class to help them. In my CCA, I understand that have slacked quite a bit. So this holiday I'm going to buckle up.

4) How they have grown
If you compare the class at the start of Sec1 as compared to at the end of Sec2. The class has matured. They are still as funny as they used to be, but now they know a bit better, when to have fun and when to be serious.

1.   How have you become a better student, daughter/son, member of CCA, member of class?
I have started doing more and more house chores. My mom wants me to help out more in house chores because I'm getting older. I am also trying to teach my brother.

2.   What could you have done better in school, in your class and in your home?
i could be more understanding. and listen to my parents

3.   Did you achieve the goals that you set out to do? Why? Why not?
Highlights of the year :

  • IE bazzar
I had a lot of fun during the IE bazaar. I played many different games and had lots of fun. 

Low points:

Getting bad marks
    This year my results were not up to standard and I regret not putting in effort. 

Rewarding moments :
Some of the rewarding moments are when I saw the smiles on the elderly's face when we visited them. 

Challenging moment :
My most challenging moment was coping with the exam stress as I felt that I will not do well. 

How have I grown to become a better person :
I have learnt that good grades is the result of hard work and I learnt not to be lazy anymore. 
-Post exam activities like rock climbing

Low points
-Dealing with the loss of family members
-Subpar results in exams

Most rewarding moment
-End of year results
-Celebration of Learning

Most challenging
-End of year exams preparation
-Haze and no school

How I have grown
-More mature and contemplating choices
-Being a better team player in class and in CCA

Interesting incidents that happened
-School cancelled due to haze
-Titan challenge
The highlights of this year are growing together a class through various activities and the low points of this year were studying well. The most rewarding is feeling the sense of achievement of completing this year's challenges and the most challenging moment was time management. I used to put in little effort but now I have learnt to put ask questions more often instead of just keeping it to myself. 
I learnt more in English, Math, Science, IH and ADMT. Most interesting part was CWSAP and Renesas Grand Prix. Lows were when sticks broke during I&E Bazaar.

The low points were studying for my exams while the highlights were hanging out with my friends and families.
The most rewarding feeling was finishing the EOY exams. The most challenging was balancing CCA and studying time and I think I have become a little more mature.
(i) highlights & low points
- bdazzled preparations
- learning new things through experiences and situations

(ii) most rewarding moments
- diamond for bdaz!!!
- getting into bdaz solo finals

(iii) most challenging moments
- preparation for examinations, especially eoys

(iv) how i have grown
- realised that some things are just not worth fighting for
- appreciating greatly the people that care for me

(v) interesting incidents
- everything is interesting my friend
I had love but I didn't feel it, I had money but I didn't spend it, I had youth but I didn't use it, I had friends but i didn't appreciate it. This year was great, but it could be better AND NOW IT'S ALL GONE
It's been a fun an exciting year for all of us and I have a great time. The Highlight would have been doing projects with friends and the low point would have been that we would have to seperate into different classes and the most rewarding moment would be by CCA competitions and I have grown to be more mature as I know what I have to do at certain times and I am more situationally aware and know how to react to hints